Tentang Studio
  • We are a team of Developer engaged in technology with a focus on the development of Games. Our commitment is to provide innovation and solutions that are best. We have served dozens of clients and some of the existing companies. We also have a passion which is important especially in the field of game development and has created several games that Unique and Innovation. We also provide sub-service for art illustration, digital painting, web design until software development for enterprise. Our Mainly Vision are Bring dream or the dream of everyone to be true. and Our Mainly Mission area Bring Something Unique to Everyone, engaged in Technology including Games.
  • Kota Surabaya
  • +6283849587134
  • info@theflavare.com
  • http://theflavare.com/
  • Kota Surabaya, Jalan Klampis Anom X No.2, Klampis Ngasem, Jawa Timur, Indonesia

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