Tentang Game

Story: Kartini, is the only child of a husband and wife on the outskirts of Jakarta. The demands of life in Jakarta that require a lot of money eventually forced Kartini to sell instant noodles in front of his house. Selling Indomie after returning from college to pay tuition and finance his parents, now Kartini is singling.

Kartini noodle stalls suddenly behavior from the rush of buyers because either want to see a beautiful Kartini or indeed hungry want to eat Kartini concoction noodles. Noodles that are made not like regular noodles because Kartini provides additional toppings like mustard, egg omelet, boiled eggs, corned beef, cayenne pepper

Besides selling noodles there are also fresh drinks, such as mineral water, iced tea, coffee, soda happy, orange juice and also milk coffee hmmm coffee milk you also like milk coffee right?

○ A challenging stadium simulation game
○ Many Stage you can try
○ Various Kinds Of Favorite Drinks
○ A variety of supplements
○ Upgrade (increase) your Equipment and Increase your earnings

If this Indomie Kartini stall is selling well, it will be in its new branch
stay wait time we update the game content again.

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